My Story

Natalya Bucuy

Who is Natalya?

Natalya Bucuy is a journalist and a writer who believes that…


Let me interrupt myself for a second here. I am wondering who created the unspoken rule that bios always read in the third person. When we all know, that it is the writer herself who, probably begrudgingly, wrote that thing. Regardless of any well-justified reasoning for this tradition, I find it quite too formal. We’re all friends here.


Hi, I’m Natalya….


I’m a journalist and a writer and I believe that if a story doesn’t come to me, I just have to go find it. That’s pretty much why I usually end up in some kind of shenanigans. But, in the end, there is a story to take home and share with the world, so it’s all good.


My favorite way to find adventures is to travel – near or far, that doesn’t matter – especially with my two awesome teenage sons. I live in a historic house in Doylestown, PA, where inspiration (and possibly some ghosts) live in the walls and help me write. 

A Bit About My Writing

The truth

As a writer and a reader, I have held the art of memoir and non-fiction writing close to my heart. 

Memoir fascinates me with its ability to connect individual human experiences to themes that run through each of our lives. Memoir connects the writer and the reader with a thread of common experience. 

Of course, there is truth in any genre of literature. And when we tell or read the truth, our souls bloom.

The Care

In my writing, whether I am recalling a real encounter with a stranger or working a deeply personal conversation into a piece of dialogue in a story, I vow to take care of everyone involved.

Writing is a therapeutic activity for me, so often I work my feelings through the pieces I create. That’s a good thing. It helps me make sense of things (and sometimes avoid a real-life murder by writing a fictional version of on

the feels

I absolutely love hearing feedback that says, “That resonated with me.” Because of that, my friends, is the whole point.

My job as a writer is to show the readers the scenes of the piece. To make  them feel. 

My favorite way to do that is to write with five senses, keeping in mind all the smells, sounds, sights, tastes, and feels of a touch throughout.